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Recs: K/S or K/Bones renewed or secret relationship [Jul. 22nd, 2016|11:26 pm]
Star Trek story finder

I'm looking for stories like Sunshine of My Love where Kirk and Spock or Bones had some sort of relationship before the Academy and when they meet again they work through renewing it for reasons. Bonus points for their reasons including one or more kids the other didn't know about. I'm cool with a genderbender or mpreg explanation for the existence of shared biological child(ren).

I'd also like any recs for stories where Kirk and Spock are bonded before/at the Academy but nobody knows. Cue how they sneak around/change the subject/act oblivious when someone hits on them etc. until finally their relationship is discovered by one or more members of the Alpha Shift crew.

TOS or Reboot, doesn't matter ;)

And hopefully I've tagged this appropriately and correctly given I'm doing this on my phone.

Edit: tags aren't working for me. Wanted to put tags as Pairing:Kirk/Spock, Pairing:Kirk/McCoy, Theme:characterasparent/caretaker, Theme:family, Theme:courtship, Theme:bonding, Theme:marriage
Perhaps a mod could help me out?
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tarsus iv kidfic [Jul. 13th, 2014|09:00 pm]
Star Trek story finder

So im looking for a fic where spock is on tarsus iv with jim for whatever reason and band together with him to protect a bunch of kids. During this time, spock and jim mind meld (and possibly) bond. Eventually they're rescued and spock is reunited with his parents (maybe winona's there too idk) who try to seperate him from jim and niether of them are willing to let that happen. Pretty sure it ends happily.
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Jim's Criminal Past [Jan. 6th, 2014|05:10 pm]
Star Trek story finder
Hey, I'm looking for any fics about Jim having a criminal past.
I'm really not picky, any AU, any pairings :)
Whether it be the crew finding out or an AU where Jim's the bad boy of the school, hit me up!!
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Spock/kirk chess fic [Sep. 23rd, 2013|10:37 pm]
Star Trek story finder
I believe it was a series of short fics, that started off with Kirk and Spock not together, but by the end they are. Towards the end they play a game which results in having sex (I think on a table?)

If you know this one I would appreciate it!! Thsnks!
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Fic Search [Jul. 31st, 2013|01:48 pm]
Star Trek story finder


I'm looking for several stories, but I only remember some scenes from them.

1. The Enterprise is ordered to New Vulcan to help in some kind of crisis (a power station is going to explode?). Kirk and Spock beam down and Kirk gives Spock Prime his com device to beam him out. That's all I really remember.

2. In this fic Spock had two tentacle-y things in his pubic area. I think they were called Fral's, but not sure about that.

3. Spock underestimates Kirk's intelligence and later discovers that Kirk published several papers on duotriticale? in his academy years. Jim survived Tarsus and was therefore invested in this topic.

By the way all fic recs with underestimated!Kirk are welcome :)

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Barely perceptible green Jim Spock fic [Jul. 28th, 2013|08:16 am]
Star Trek story finder
I am trying to find a copy since the journal has been purged. If you have one please pm me!
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Kirk/Spock: Pon Farr and Kun-Ut Kali-Fi [Jul. 10th, 2013|08:15 am]
Star Trek story finder

I'm trying to find a story where Spock is kind-of-sort-of bonded to Kirk, and when he starts to go into Pon Farr he alerts Kirk as to the fact that he is going to need to mate with Kirk. Kirk, who is not in an established relationship with Spock, panics.

Not realizing the full extent of the Kun-Ut Kali-Fi (particularly that it's a fight to the DEATH) due to minimal hacking and research, he triggers the Kun-Ut Kali-Fi and names himself as the challenger. Spock has a brief mental/emotional breakdown as he fights between the urges to keep his mate safe and to tear to shreds the one who would challenge his bond, during which Kirk gets increasingly confused, before he decides that the only solution to the dilemma is to get himself as far from Kirk as possible and allow the Pon Farr to kill him. This is the part where he maroons himself on an ice planet. (I think it might have been Delta Vega again?)

I'm pretty sure this is XI 'verse because there's a scene with some human traffickers/slavers where they discuss the fact that Vulcans are now endangered species and worth a crap-ton of money on the black market, and I know it came out before Into Darkness, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. Help?
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NuTrek-verse, Accidental bond, hurt Jim, ignorant Spock [Jul. 4th, 2013|08:41 pm]
Star Trek story finder

[mood |tiredtired]

Looking for a S/K pre-slash story.
It takes place in ST 2009 universe after Nero and the Narada.
Kirk and Spock have bonded by accident during the Nero crisis. Spock has blocked his side of the bond and thus Kirk is the only one who feels the effects. He wants to befriend Spock and offers playing chess with him, but Spock rejects him, saying that he sees no reason to become friends or spend time together. Jim is hurt by the rejection, starts feeling worthless and slowly wastes away.
Later Spock gets scolded by his father and Uhura for ignoring the bond and rejecting his soulmate. Happy ending; Spock acknowledges Jim as his soulmate and bonded and they get together.
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Tarsus [May. 25th, 2013|01:44 am]
Star Trek story finder
[mood |draineddrained]

There was a fic that I had read awhile ago that I am looking for. I am pretty sure that it took place in the Reboot universe. While Jim was on Tarsus a close friend of his who was a Vulcan went into Pon Farr. They bonded however when they were rescued the parents of his bond mate unknowingly separated them. That is all I can remember of the fic and I cannot seem to be able to find it. Please Help.
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Winona Kirk is made to face the fact that she is wrong about Jim [May. 15th, 2013|09:11 pm]
Star Trek story finder

Winona is made to realize that she is wrong about Jim.   She finds out about Jim by listening to all the messages on her answering machine the day after Nero was defeated.  All day long she thought that Starfleet had defeated him and that Jim had nothing to do with it.  From what I remember of the story in the beginning of it she thinks that everyone is looking at her in sympathy but later she realizes that everyone was looking at her funny because she is always talking up Sam and putting Jim down but now Jim is a hero and has defeated Nero. I believe she tries to reach Jim and he  doesn't really want anything to do with her.  This might be part of a larger story and I think it is slash. 
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